Seven Nights of Lights

More than 850 shimmering lights will line the outdoor Rosary Portico surrounding the Franciscan Monastery from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve. In an annual Christmas Eve tradition, the Franciscan friars blessed the luminaria on Christmas Eve and the rosary will be prayed daily at the portico, 11:30 a.m., from Christmas to Dec. 31. All are welcome.

The luminaria (candles) symbolize a welcoming path into our homes and hearts for the Holy Family. The monastery also has a life-size replica of the Nativity Grotto in Bethlehem that marks the place of Christ’s birth. Just before midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, the baby Jesus will be carried in procession to the manger, where he will remain until Epiphany. The grotto may be visited as part of the regularly scheduled church tours.

When you support the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America, you support an historical landmark and an oasis of peace in the middle of busy Washington, D.C. But your support does so much more. Your support provides assistance to Christians in the Holy Land. You allow Christianity to remain and thrive in the Holy Land. Support us today.