The Garden Guild

An Oasis of Peace

The Garden Guild’s purpose is to preserve and promote the gardens at the Franciscan Monastery in keeping with the Franciscan tradition that God is revealed to us through his creations.

The Franciscan Monastery has existed for over 100 years and the beautiful gardens and famous grottos have been in place for over 80 years. However, it wasn’t until 1998 that the Garden Guild was officially established.

As fundraisers, the Garden Guild holds an “Herb & Plant” sale in the spring, a Rose sale in the late spring, a luminary sale in the winter and an Easter lily sale during the weekend of Palm Sunday. In addition, the Garden Guild produces seasonal products for the Monastery gift shop such as potpourri and honey made from flowers and bees tended on the Monastery grounds.

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Garden Guild BrochureMembers

Lou Maroulis  (CEO)
Director of Project Management
202-701-7317  (mobile)

Joe Bozik (CFO)
Director of Finance
202-374-0541 (mobile)

General Questions:

Volunteer Opportunities

There are no dues to be a Garden Guild Member, the only requirement is a willingness to participate in either gardening activities, fundraising activities, or educational activities related to gardening.

For more information concerning the Garden Guild, contact Mark Brzozowski via

Note: Mark is the Garden Guild’s Membership Team Lead.


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