1400 Quincy St., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20017

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Metro & Walking Directions

The Franciscan Monastery is located near the Brookland Metro stop on the Red Line. From the metro station, you can walk to the Monastery (ca. 15 -20 minutes). Recommended walking directions: When exiting the station, walk to the bus depot and proceed to Kiss & Ride lot. From the lot, head towards Newton Street N.E. Make a left at the corner of Newton Street N.E. onto 12th Street N.E. (The CVS Pharmacy will be at this corner.) Make a right at 12th Street N.E. onto Quincy Street N.E. (The Yes Organic Market will be at this corner.) The Monastery will be at the top of the hill. You can also take the H6 Metro Bus from the bus depot. The bus will drop you off in front of the Monastery.


When you support the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America, you support an historical landmark and an oasis of peace in the middle of busy Washington, D.C. But your support does so much more. Your support provides assistance to Christians in the Holy Land. You allow Christianity to remain and thrive in the Holy Land. Support us today.